Take Control of Your Appearance with a Mommy Makeover

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Being pregnant is hard work. Being a mom after delivering a baby is hard work too. The only difference is that the hard work of being a mom never ends. With so many daily demands, it can be incredibly difficult for moms to have any time to take care of themselves.

It can be difficult for moms to find the time to shower, let alone have the time to hit the gym every night and be sure to eat only the healthiest low-calorie food. It is not possible. As a result, many moms spend a lot of time feeling insecure about their appearance and feeling completely trapped and unable to do anything about it. This is where we come in because we have the tools to help.

What is a mommy makeover?

We make recommendations based on the needs of our individual patients. This means that what we recommend for one mom is going to be different from what we recommend for another. Still, there are certain parts of the body that receive more abuse than others throughout pregnancy and childbirth. These two main areas are the tummy and the breasts.

During pregnancy, the skin around a woman's tummy area stretches out significantly. Even after the baby is born, most women will never go back to their firm taut waistline without help from a surgeon. Likewise, the breasts become significantly larger during pregnancy and while nursing.

If nursing, the baby is also going to be pulling on them and causing damage to the breast tissue in the process. The results tend to be rather obvious. Women who start with round perky breasts often find that they have sagging ones following the pregnancy.

Our most popular procedures for moms are:

1. Tummy tuck

Virtually anyone who has given birth could use a tummy tuck. Even those who do lose the majority of the weight are unlikely to see their stomach ever return to its pre-baby appearance. It so rarely happens that plastic surgeons have just become accustomed to seeing moms for tummy tucks after they have recovered from giving birth.

2. Breast lift

If the breast tissue is significant but the breasts continue to sag, then an augmentation is not necessary. Instead, a breast lift is the more likely option. A breast lift can restore the breasts to a firm and perky appearance.

3. Breast augmentation

If losing weight causes the breast tissue to go away to the point where they are too small, an augmentation will be the ideal procedure. Breasts will look round and perky and we can customize the size based on our patients' preferences.

Other potential procedures include:

  • Facelift
  • Botox
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Liposuction

Find out which procedures can be used to improve your appearance

Being a mom does not mean that you have to dislike your appearance. We can help you to look and feel amazing and potentially look even better than before you had kids. Trust us, you will be amazed at what we can accomplish. Schedule an appointment to learn more about our many procedures and schedule your own mommy makeover.