5 Things to Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Posted on: June 20, 2018

There are different reasons that women begin looking at options for breast reconstruction surgery. During this decision process, we can help in guiding and showing the best options for a woman to assist in rebuilding the shape of the breast. Many women choose this option after having battled breast cancer and are ready to reconstruct the look of their breasts to regain the look and shape from before their battle and many procedures.

It is common for women to need either a full or partial mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. In this case, it is often necessary to have the breast tissue removed right away and then to follow it up with chemotherapy or radiation. Some women choose to wait for breast reconstruction surgery until a later time (delayed reconstruction) or have it done at the same time as the mastectomy (immediate reconstruction). It is vital to stay in communication with your oncologist who will approve the reconstruction procedure.

Things to know about breast reconstruction surgery

Even though most women are familiar with the term, we find that most of our patients are apprehensive about the idea of losing their breast(s) which is a prevalent feeling. People are equally anxious about how the reconstruction process works and the steps and processes to have it completed.

1. Breast reconstruction can help in regaining and boosting self-confidence

After a full mastectomy, a woman has the opportunity to reconstruct her breasts to a similar look like before the procedure was completed. We encourage women not to be afraid of the chance to regain the feeling and appearance they had before battling cancer and going through the many strains of the fierce fight they fought.

Choosing to look at the procedure as a way to exercise control can help patients feel more empowered. We can assist in offering recommendations, but ultimately, each patient must decide for herself what her end goal is in having the reconstruction procedure completed.

2. The appearance of the nipple can also be restored

One of the concerns many women have is that they will no longer have a regular looking nipple. Luckily with modern plastic surgery techniques, there are now possibilities for having the reconstruction include the nipples in addition to the breasts. This option allows patients to regain the most natural appearance possible.

3. Breast implants can look natural

There is a misconception that people who have breast implants do not have a natural look. Luckily, with today's medical technology and options, this is far from the truth. With breast reconstruction surgery, it is possible to give women natural-looking breasts that are the right size and shape for their frame and body type.

4. The procedure does take time to recover from

The exact amount of recovery time is going to depend on the individual patient. Some women feel great within a few weeks, while others may need a month or more to get back to normal. It is essential to be cautious when exercising. Patients also need to understand that tasks such as lifting a box or pushing open a heavy door may take more time to do while their body is still healing from the reconstruction procedure.

5. Some insurance policies fully cover the procedure

When a woman decides to get breast implants for cosmetic reasons only, insurance is unlikely to pay for it. However, if the breast reconstruction is a follow-up after cancer treatment, insurance companies may pay for all or part of the procedure. We can help in checking with your insurance provider to keep you informed of what is covered.

We invite anyone with questions to contact our office manager to discuss insurance and payment options in detail. If the insurance company does not pay, we offer other financial options that can help you in making your decision.

Questions are never bad, contact us today!

If you have lost one or both breasts due to breast cancer, we are here to help in reconstructing and restoring their appearance and help you regain your confidence and appearance that makes you feel more comfortable in your body. To get more information about breast reconstruction surgery and what options are available and best suited for you, call us and schedule an appointment today.

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