What Is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has become popular in recent years. Many people are opting for plastic surgery procedures to enhance their nose, breasts, lips and other areas of their body. This article discusses plastic surgery and everything you should know before going … Continued

Most Common Types of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery restores the natural appearance and function of any part of the body that is deformed as a result of illness, injury or a medical condition. There are many different surgical procedures that fall under the umbrella of plastic … Continued

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for You?

Learn about the male breast reduction procedure. You do not have to let gynecomastia stop you from feeling happy with your appearance. With the help of a plastic surgeon, you can start restoring your chest’s natural and masculine appearance. Modern … Continued

Will Thigh Lift Surgery Remove Cellulite?

If you have dimpling skin on your thighs, you might be interested in getting a thigh lift. You have likely heard mixed information regarding cellulite and a thigh lift. Some people say it can remove cellulite, while others say it … Continued

What Happens in a Breast Lift Procedure?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lift procedures have increased in popularity by about 70% since the year 2000. In addition to this rise in popularity, breast lifts have also become a more popular operation than breast … Continued

Should I Get an Arm Lift?

With the recent development in cosmetology, keeping your body in shape is easier than ever. Sagging arms, in this regard, is one of the common problems in women as they age. The muscles of your upper arms change and typically … Continued

Rhinoplasty – Things to Consider Before Nose Surgery

If you are unhappy with your nose, you might be considering getting a rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery. Nose surgery can fix imperfections and change your self-image. There are some important things to know before scheduling an appointment for … Continued

Patient’s Guide to the Neck Lift Procedure

If you have visible signs of aging in your neck and jawline, you might be a good candidate for a neck lift procedure. The procedure can eliminate excess skin and remove or alter neck muscles that create abnormal contours. The … Continued

Tips for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon Near Asheville

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4 Questions to ask at a Breast Enhancement Consultation

If you are thinking about breast enhancement surgery, it is very important to find good sources that help you make an informed decision about what surgery you receive and what surgeon will be performing it. Surgery is a permanent decision and should … Continued