4 Questions to ask at a Breast Enhancement Consultation

If you are thinking about breast enhancement surgery, it is very important to find good sources that help you make an informed decision about what surgery you receive and what surgeon will be performing it. Surgery is a permanent decision and should … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions About Botox Treatments

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Types of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery: Possible Side Effects

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The Benefits of Having an Eyelid Lift Procedure

An eyelid lift gives multiple benefits to someone wishing to look younger. Those who have baggy or tired-looking eyes will see a major improvement once the procedure has been completed. Speaking with a surgeon in our office can be beneficial … Continued

Is an Arm Lift Right for You?

An arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is a surgery that provides a more youthful and toned appearance to those who are experiencing sagging arms due to aging, genetics or weight loss. The procedure reshapes the upper arm, resulting … Continued

Plastic Surgery is Popular Among College Students

Plastic surgery can be an excellent idea for college students. It used to be that people would wait until they were older to have plastic surgery. Now, it is common for people of all ages to undergo procedures that help … Continued

5 Things to Know About Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Take Control of Your Appearance with a Mommy Makeover

Being pregnant is hard work. Being a mom after delivering a baby is hard work too. The only difference is that the hard work of being a mom never ends. With so many daily demands, it can be incredibly difficult … Continued

Buttocks Lift for People Who Have Lost Weight

Many of our younger patients are visiting us for a buttocks lift because they have lost a lot of weight in an effort to get healthy and their buttocks has shrunk as a result. Being physically fit is more popular … Continued