Buttocks Lift and Thigh Reduction

Before and After Photos


Are You Interested in Buttocks Lift or Thigh reduction?
Candidates for buttocks lift/thigh reduction have often experienced a sagging and loss of skin elasticity. This may have occurred after pregnancy or after weight loss. The skin may be flabby and have a dimpled or orange peel appearance that improves dramatically when the skin is pulled tight. A successful operation tightens the skin of the thigh, lifts and reshapes the buttocks and smoothes skin irregularities.

Planning Your Surgery
The way you feel about yourself is an important issue. You spent a lot of time and effort keeping in shape, sometimes we can help to give the contour and shape that is right for you. At your consultation we will listen to your medical history, examine you, take photographs, and try to give you a look at what a change in buttocks shape and volume will do for you.

We will evaluate your health and explain which surgical techniques are most appropriate for you, based on your contour and skin tone. Wide variations in the design of the incisions to meet clothing or personal desires are possible. Lifting the inner thighs requires short incisions in the groin crease around to the buttock crease. Lifting the lateral thigh and buttock requires a longer incision that is often hidden at the waistline or beneath a thong. Associated procedures often include suction assisted lipoplasty, inner thigh lift, and procedures to reshape the breasts.

At the end of the initial consultation you should have the information you need to make an informed decision about the possibility of plastic surgery and a good understanding of which procedure will produce the desired result.

Preparing For Your Surgery
We will give you instructions to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating and drinking, smoking, and taking or avoiding certain vitamins and medications.

While making preparations, be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery and to help you out for a few days, if needed.

Buttocks lift/Thigh reduction is relatively straightforward. But as with any operation, there are risks associated with surgery and specific complications associated with this procedure. At the time of your consultation these possibilities will be reviewed in detail.

The Surgery
This is a procedure done as an outpatient at our fully accredited operating rooms at the Plastic Surgery Center, at the Asheville Surgery Center on Sweeten Creek Road, or at the Mission Memorial Hospital. It is usually done as an outpatient and is often done under general anesthesia. At any of these locations anesthesia will be provided by the anesthesiologists and CRNA's of Asheville Anesthesia Inc. The operation takes an hour or two and then requires some quiet time away from your usual schedule as you recuperate. Most women are more comfortable with ice and some elevation as in a recliner.. Many people are up and about driving and doing light activities four to six days after the operation. You may return to aerobic exercise in about three weeks. You will be seen in the office in follow up at regular intervals. We look forward to assisting you in achieving the shape and contour that you desire.