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Ideal Implant® Structured Breast Implant

Finally, beauty without compromise. Now available in our office, the IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant has a natural feel, and advantages over silicone gel, such as only saline inside for peace of mind. Unlike silicone gel implants that have a high rate of silent rupture and require an MRI scan for detection, with the IDEAL IMPLANT, you can look in the mirror each day and be confident your implants are intact.

The IDEAL IMPLANT, has been in clinical use since 2009. It has been approved by FDA and Health Canada, and is only available through a limited Network of board certified or eligible plastic surgeons.

Please call us today to come in for a consultation. Do your own side-by-side comparison of the IDEAL IMPLANT to the silicone gel implant.

Breast Augmentation: Let Your Dreams Come True!

It isn't often that a dream you've had for years comes true while you sleep. It may seem strange that you can change your body shape so successfully, hard to imagine that your body can accept so much bulk almost instantly. But it can, and does. It is accepted not just as a new addition, but as the way you always imagined your body, a dream come true.


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